"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." – Henry Ford

As we enter into a new paradigm of information technology market where new tech and startups with bigger and brighter ideas sprout and disrupt the old ones, partnerships become essential. Nimaisoft embraces the essence of partnerships. A long-term association can be very promising and value Addition to your business.

Benefits of Partnership:

  • Guides in making sound technology choices
  • Supports in exploring new opportunities
  • Offers you an early proof of concept
  • Helps in mitigating risks
  • Post-project delivery support

We invite and welcome all like-minded and goal-oriented partners to work with us with different partnership models:

Offshore Partnership

If you already own client relationships and operate your own IT/consulting firm, we create a perfect win-win opportunity for you. Nimaisoft works as an extended team at offshore with experienced resources.

We help you boost your competitiveness by offering our wide range of services and solutions. Our expert developers provide outsourcing services that lower project development costs and deliver high-quality services by expanding as our offshore partner.

Channel Partnership

Our channel partnership program enables you to benefit from a wide range of our technology services and depth of our expertise. We enable our partners around the world to allow smooth incorporation of our software development services into their own product and service offerings.

We provide direct access to our partners to Nimaisoft's services and expertise by industry, business strategy, technology need and service levels. With our channel partner programs you can increase the pace of your business development and ROI with your increased service offerings.

Joint Venture

Our experienced & sound technical resources combined with your domain expertise, we can surely develop your idea into a viable product geared towards long-term success with a significant competitive advantage. We assist you with the technology and business support to get ahead of our competition. Through long-term relations, we can always remain mutually beneficial both financially and stable business practices.

  • Joint development costs
  • Priority availability of Resources
  • Ticket based Maintenance and Tech support
  • Payment Flexibility
  • Co-marketing and unlimited customization

Technology Partnership

You should look for a professional technology partner that can handle all service requests, automated software, application migration, QA and testing, web and app development, cloud and database integration services etc.Nimaisoft comes with a bag full of great experience and smooth deployments of many projects to offer high-quality deliverables to your customers.

You just need to help us with careful technical description and we will take care of the rest. From preparing a plan, cost estimate, finding and allocating developers, providing unique tools and solutions, testing and deployment.

White Labeling Partnership

White labeling is another kind of partnership, one in which an application developed by a business sold by another company.This is a decent way of adding value to the business without reinventing the wheel every time and saving yourself from spending more money time or efforts.

White labeling software development is a faster way of offering your customers the desired services; through this, you can charge for the services you bought from other company and re-label them as your own. This not only saves plenty of time that'd be required for the development of the services from scratch, but you can also make money out of them by selling them at the price more than what you paid to the other company.Nimaisoft offers various SaaS Products for white labeling.

Agent Partnership

If you're an IT entrepreneur, Consultant or a sales professional, we offer you to become our Agent Partners. With this setting, you are in charge of finding business opportunities and generate leads. Our sales and marketing team will work tirelessly with you to plan, prepare and propel business proposals that deliver required services on-time and within budget.

  • Unlimited Iterations for Development
  • Training and Technical Support
  • Sales and Marketing Support
  • Growth and Profitable work models
  • Backup and Recovery assistance