Engagement Models


Fixed-Price Model

Fixed Price model offers customers low-risk option and can be utilized once the scope and specifications of the project are categorically spelt out. This model guarantees on-time, on-budget delivery of projects. Deliverables, Costs and Timelines are clearly defined in Fixed Time, Fixed-Price engagements. Our approach includes scoping, development, implementation and business support. Combining the Fixed Time, Fixed Price model with our Solutions offering tremendous advantage on the cost front to Clients.In this model:

  • Client needs to cater well defined requirements
  • Scope of app & will be agreed upon discussion
  • We follow a standard Change Request Process for any palpable changes

Time & Material Model

If the scope of work cannot be defined clearly at the start of the project or if the project tends to have constant changes in specifications and designs, the Time & Material based model is the best fit. Time & Material model offers you the flexibility of altering specifications, accommodating unplanned activities rapidly, and adjusting project resources based upon your evolving requirements throughout the development process. The development life cycle is controlled by your inputs and direction to provide complete independence and flexibility to get the project developed end-to-end as per your budget provisions. This engagement model provides greater flexibility when developing a product or specification on a regular basis and making the changes based on the changing market needs. In this model:

  • When scope and requirements are not well defined
  • Daily Reporting/ Weekly reporting
  • Can form offshore Project Teams and Project Management

Hourly Rate Model

At times the client has an idea which needs to be developed into a project, also, when the client application needs minor enhancements over the time, this is when this model comes as best-fit. A project manager along with the business analyst provides the hourly sheet per requirement which when approved by the client moves forward to development.

  • Hourly based work is tracked
  • Development which needs smaller enhancements

Dedicated Team Model

High turnover applications and turnkey projects deserve a dedicated team working towards its development and maintenance. In this model, we form the project team & infrastructure based on client requirement. A dedicated Development Center, which is an extension of the customer's software engineering facility, is popular among customers, who are looking at long-term gains from offshore outsourcing. We jointly identify and define the team along with our customer and have full transparency, access and control on the team along with our customer whereby the dedicated team works as extension of the customer's development team.

  • Extension of the customer's software engineering facility
  • A Dedicated team, project manager and customized delivery methodology
  • Trainings and development of team as per client requirements
  • Team can comprise of business analysts, functional consultants, technical consultants, project managers, tech lead, developers, designers, QA, server administrators etc.

Maintenance Model

Our maintenance model allows you to benefit from our services, buy hours in advance from us and get your work done as and when you require it. We make sure that we deliver the same quality and response every time. Each task is appraised and the hourly estimates are approved by the client beforehand.

Engagement Models

Place another left side tab under dedicated development center with a heading Comparison of various Engagement models

Type Costing Best When Comments
Project-based Fixed based on milestones
  • Requirements are very clear.
  • Team will be a significant addition to existing team or all of it.
  • Team’s capabilities are known well.
  • Agile possible as well if client is fully engaged in the development process.
  • Maximum cost savings possible as onus is onto us to deliver in-time on-budget.
Resource-based engagement Hourly or daily rates based on type of resource engaged
  • Want to augment your team with more resources.
  • Unsure of exact requirements.
  • Starting off for the first time.
  • We could also offer blended rates based on pre-set conditions so smoothen the billing.
  • Great way to start off with us.
Partnership Engagement Pre-defined hourly rate (typically at cost)
  • Not enough capital to take a risk.
  • Expect the product/solution to be sold to others through you.
  • Willingness to share risk and as well as gains.
  • Excellent combination of your domain knowledge and our technology skills to form a win-win partnership.
Dedicated development facility Flexible based on type of needs and resources
  • Best for settings up low-cost offshore center without the headache of managing it.
  • Can set up facility based on your requirements.

We collaborate closely with our clients to identify the best fit for the Project Pricing needs. We specialize in delivering the best model as per the project needs.